WindNODE is a pilot project to get involved with and participate in. We seek to share our passion for ‘energy and transition’. More than 20 visitor sites invite people to experience our smart energy system solutions during demonstrations and in showrooms. Additionally, we offer professionals as well as interested citizens various possibilities to actively participate in our activities and stay informed of our findings.

An Overview of the WindNODE Visitor Sites

Treppenhaus in der Ausstellung

DIN NormenWerk

At the ‘NormenWerk’ exhibition at DIN, visitors can learn interesting facts about more than ten decades of standardization history and experience the benefits of standards ‘live’ and hands-on. In…

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Ein modernes Gebäude in der Dämmerung

E³ Research Factory for resource-efficient production

In addition to solutions for efficient technologies, the E³ Research Factory for resource-efficient production at the Fraunhofer IWU also develops concepts for flexible, resource-efficient and…

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Ausstellungsraum mit einer Weltkugel und verschiedenen Monitoren

Energy in Motion

Coming soon: discover the interactive exhibit ENERGY IN MOTION at the Technical University of Berlin and go on an exciting journey to explore the world of energy. What is the connection between plant…

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Visualisierung der Energiewerkstatt von außen

Energy workshop at the EUREF campus

The GASAG energy workshop at the EUREF campus consists of the power station that supplies the EUREF campus and that can be visited and explored. The campus has set itself the main task of pro-moting…

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Feldheim, Brandenburg

Feldheim ist ein vollständig energieautarker Ort in Brandenburg.

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Grid simulator to visualise critical grid states

“Electricity market and electricity grid - right of way in the energy system (of the future)” is the motto of the showroom days at GridLab and the Leipzig University.

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U-förmige Gebäudefassade

IKEM - Open Office for legal matters

Together with the University of Leipzig as an economic-scientific partner, IKEM is working on regulatory issues of a new market design and the design of the ‘amber traffic light phase’ in the ‘grid…

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Industry Energy Hub VDTC

With the ZUKUNFTSRAUMENERGIE Siemens AG wants to create a place of encounter and information in the context of the energy transition, discuss questions and present innovative solutions from the…

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Innenaufnahme eines Labors

IT4Energy Centre

The IT4Energy Centre develops information and communication solutions for the optimal use of available resources and provides networking in compliance with data protection and standards. Industrial,…

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Kaufland showcase branch store of the Schwarz Group

The Schwarz Group presents its commitment to the WindNODE research project in showcase branch stores of its Lidl and Kaufland retail companies. Interactive 3D model tables and touch screens are…

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KEMS - The municipal energy management system

The project involves the development of basic engineering for the coupling of the electricity and heating sectors by means of central and decentralised energy clusters of a typical large city,…

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Lidl showcase branch store of the Schwarz Group

The Schwarz Group presents its commitment to the WindNODE research project in showcase branch stores of its Lidl and Kaufland retail companies. Interactive 3D model tables and touch screens are…

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Power System Simulator

The Power System Simulator (PSS) presents the processes in the grid operations management of the actual transmission grid in eastern Germany in a practical and operationally realistic manner. The…

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Power-to-District Heating

Exclusive WindNODE tours in the Buch district heating plant The Buch power plant site is a beacon of sustainable heat generation. Visitors can experience this up close during the exclusive tours…

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Trading room of the Energy2Market GmbH

Trading room of the Energy2market GmbH The Energy2market GmbH (e2m) offers interested parties the opportunity to visit the trading room of the company and to get an idea of the connections in…

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Visualisierung eines futuristischen Gebäudes


The ubineum is the competence centre for the development and presentation of products and services for smart homes. Here, visitors can view new and innovative solutions and products in a model home.…

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Ein weißes Gebäude mit Parkplatz

Visitor centre for smart energy grids (BIENe)

The BIENe at the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg campus gives visitors insight into the history and interdependency of the electricity grids and electromobility

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Luftbild der Kläranlage

Wastewater treatment plant Dresden-Kaditz

Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH is responsible for public wastewater disposal on behalf of the state capital of Dresden.

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WindNODE Live! - a walk-through index

The travelling exhibit, which consists of three elements, uses interactive multimedia to convey information on the content of the showcase projects, the partners involved and the challenges of the…

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Ausstellungswand mit Deutschlandkarte

WindNODE Showroom Energiewende

With the exhibit at 50Hertz, visitors should first get an insight into the challenges of the energy transition for the different players as well as from a technical/physical point of view. In this…

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