Grid simulator to visualise critical grid states

“Electricity market and electricity grid - right of way in the energy system (of the future)” is the motto of the showroom days at GridLab and the Leipzig University.

In the scope of cooperation between the Institute for Infrastructure and Resource Management (IIRM) of the Leipzig University and GridLab GmbH, the project team studies the optimisation of the interplay between the electricity market and the electricity grid in the scope of WindNODE. The specific state of the electricity system in 2030 is examined. The IIRM market simulations are the basis for the assessment of the efficiency of new technologies on the electricity market as well as the integration of renewable energy on the market. With the aid of the GridLab grid model, it is possible to estimate whether the electricity grid of the future is ready for the challenges of the market players.

The current research findings are presented to the interested public by means of examples of critical grid states visualised on the grid simulator of the GridLab training centre. For the showroom sessions of 2018, the demonstrations will not yet be able to take place on the 2030 grid, but will be presented on the current grid state. Visitors will also have the opportunity to find out about the project's main focuses, in particular the potential of new flexibility options for the electricity system, in lectures given by the project staff. Afterwards, there will also be time for questions from the audience and discussions with the project representatives.

Address and access

GridLab GmbH, Mittelstraße 7, 12529 Schönefeld


Opening hours

This year, the showroom will be open on 03/09/2018.

The number of participants per session is limited to 20. For this reason, a participation request to is mandatory, which will be confirmed by GridLab, depending on the number of available places.

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