PAHLHUUS, information centre UNESCO's biosphere reserve Schaalsee

Global core of UNESCO`s biosphere reserve is the education in terms of sustainable development. The accomodation in the information centre PAALHUUS is limited so that an additional extracurricular schooling facility has been recreated out of the photovoltaic unit initially installed in 1998.This facility can be visited as well following the information centre´s opening hours. Interested visitors will gain more information about the technical feasibility of sectorcoupling small scale renewable energy storing systems (power to heat) both by a smart meter model and an explaining video.


Wittenburger Chaussee 13
19246 Zarrentin am Schaalsee

Visiting hours

The site will be opened on 21.04.2021.

The opening hours can be seen on the website (see more information). For registration please contact or call 038851-3020.

More information

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