Heating installation in Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg quarter of WBG Zentrum

In the WindNODE test quarter Prenzlauer Berg, a practical test is being carried out in order to determine how residential areas and their energy installations can become part of the future energy supply. A growing share of Germany’s energy is subject to fluctuating renewable sources. Consequently, solutions are pursued that can balance the generation and consumption of renewable energy. Urban quarters have the capacity to contribute to this end goal.

Here you can find a lot of exciting insights into the quater:

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In the Prenzlauer Berg test quarter of Berliner Wohnungsbaugenossenschaft Zentrum eG, 6 residential buildings with a total of 224 homes depend on local heating grid. The heat is generated by a modular CHP unit (34 kWel / 78 kWth) and additional peak load boilers. The buildings are equipped with smart building technology that consistently adjusts the heat generation to the heat demand, accordingly. The technology achieves a reduction in energy consumption of 24% compared to buildings of the same type.

In the scope of the WindNODE project, storage and conversion possibilities for renewable electricity into heat (Power-to-Heat units), smart metering systems as well as connections to energy industry platforms were also installed in the quarter. With these installations, excess wind power can for example be converted into heating energy. What’s more, the quarter will be able to use its CHP unit to support the grid through the targeted injection of electricity when little renewable energy is available in the grid in the short term. This grid support is therefore rewarded. Such flexible management situations can be tested with the installations in the quarter.

Interactive Infographic

Heat Storage SystemHeat Storage
Power to HeatPower
to Heat
Peak Load BoilerPeak Load Boiler
Combined Heat and Power PlantCombined Heat
and Power Plant
Electricity MeterElectricity
Smart Meter GatewaySmart Meter
Virtual Power PlantVirtual
Power Plant
Strom Pager (Electricity Pager)Strom Pager
(Electricity Pager)
Heat Flow MeterHeat Flow
Radiatior ValveRadiator
Water MeterWater Meter
Smoke DetectorSmoke
Power ConsumerPower
Temperature SensorsTemperature
Water MeterWater Meter
Power ConsumerPower

The infographic shows the basic interaction between the different installations in the test quarter. Hover your mouse over the graphic for the meaning of the symbols.

The following project partners are involved in the test quarter:


Versuchsquartier Prenzlauer-Berg
Hosemannstraße 43
10409 Berlin

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WindNODE Versuchsquartier Prenzlauer Berg - Borderstep Institut

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