Ferropolis - The City of Iron

FERROPOLIS, the ‘City of Iron’, is the attractive excursion and event location for fans and families. Industrial history and contemporary music culture come together without parallel in the FERROPOLIS Arena.

Five giant lignite excavators, a total of 7,000 tons of steel, escaped the scrap heap. They remind us of an industrial age in decline. For fifty years, they dug deep into the earth with their mighty shovels and transported approximately 70 million tonnes of lignite each day. The strip-mining activities created a lake, the Gremminer See, near Gräfenhainichen, the city where Paul Gerhardt was born. Here, on a peninsula at the centre of the triangle formed by Bauhaus city Dessau, the Wörlitz park and Lutherstadt Wittenberg, now stands FERROPOLIS, the City of Iron.

FERROPOLIS offers tours of the peninsula throughout the year. In addition to information about the history and future of the City of Iron, there are explanations on the workings of the heavy strip-mining equipment and the history of mining. One special attraction is a tour of a heavy strip mining machine, where one can experience the fascinating technology first-hand and at the same time enjoy a panoramic view of the landscape.

In the former electric station, there is a small exposition with exhibits about the regional mining history. One particular highlight of the exposition is the skeleton of a straight-tusked elephant. It lived around 120,000 years ago and was discovered in the neighbouring strip mine of Gröbern.

On the walls of the former workshop, street artist ‘ecb’ created larger-than-life portraits of miners to acknowledge all those who hauled coal in the Golpa-Nord strip mine.


Ferropolisstraße 1
06773 Gräfenhainichen

Opening hours

Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00
Sat, Sun, holidays 10.00-19.00

daily 10.00-17.00

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