Energy and Society

In addition to all the technical, economic and legal aspects that are of course at the centre of a project such as WindNODE, we are also concerned with the question of how a change in perspective on the subject of energy can lead to success and create more appealing stories: technology leadership of an export nation, good and future-oriented jobs, cleaner cities, decentralised participation in value creation, fascination through technology - all this and more can be part of the energy transition. We want to make people enthusiastic about energy and the energy transition, and show their aesthetic appeal. Samples of our work can be found in this special feature.


The WindNODE Challenge is an idea and technology contest organised by Berlin Partner for Business and Technology in the scope of WindNODE.

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WindNODE live!

The travelling exhibition “WindNODE Live!” makes it possible to live and experience the energy transition 2.0. It seeks to raise awareness and arouse interest as well as create greater understanding of the challenges of the energy transition.

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Energie und Kunst

Art speaks to the senses and emotions; an approach to the subject that encourages reflection. That is the idea behind the WindNODE project “Energie und Kunst” by Maria Reinisch commissioned by WindNODE partner TU Berlin.

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Under the title of “e-stories”, contributions are published here that consider the literary side of energy and the energy transition. We showcase past and present texts and authors capturing our handling of resources in stories with a particular focus on electricity.

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Energy meets Art

“Energy meets Art” connects scenario studies for the future energy system with creative visualisation and broad stakeholder dialogue.

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Artwork Earth is a map, an archive and a meeting place. How is the most urgent global evolution of our present day reflected in art? How is it dealt with? Artwork Earth was designed and developed for this specific purpose. The exhibition will feature works of art that deal with ecological developments, climate change and fossil and renewable resources.

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Via Energyhack, developers and visionaries can weigh in and collaborate on a sustainable electricity supply and digital strategies for the future. The participants can develop applications and hardware prototypes and receive professional assistance from energy and data experts. The focus lies on projects that should improve social sensibility with regard to electrical grids, energy grids and the energy transition.

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