WindNODE developed model solutions for the “second phase of the energy transition”. In this context, the technical and economic as well as regulatory and social aspects of the smart energy system play a role. A selection of the findings that have been elaborated by our 70 project partners, is presented here.

Last updated: 31.03.2021

Final Publications

WindNODE Spotlight

Our format "WindNODE spotlight" presents interesting subprojects in detail, explaining interim results and providing background information, photographs and videos.

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WindNODE reports

The WindNODE reports list the findings and preliminary results of the secondary workstreams. These are available in digital and printed form and offer a look into the partner project’s activities.

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Visitor sites

In the scope of WindNODE, visitor sites were established that can be visited by anyone interested to have a look at the project activities.

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High-quality project findings in the scope of WindNODE were elaborated by partners, associated partners and subcontractors in the form of discussion papers, studies, expert opinions or other text forms. These findings were published in three categories of publication forms.

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Energy and Society

We want to make people enthusiastic about energy and the energy transition, and show their aesthetic appeal. Samples of our work can be found in this special feature.

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Structural change

On the way to a just and successful structural change it is necessary to overcome obstacles and foremost to use chances. We present some of our activities for the transformation regions in this category.

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City District Concepts

The potentials of city district concepts and smart city designs for the energy transition were tested in various WindNODE model regions. Exciting and detailed results from the Borderstep Institute about the experimental quarter can be read in the project reports.

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