WindNODE Live!

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The travelling exhibition ‘WindNODE Live!’ makes it possible to live and experience the energy transition 2.0. It seeks to raise awareness and arouse interest as well as create greater understanding of the challenges of the energy transition.

About the exhibition

The exhibition offers multimedia information about WindNODE, the participating partners and the challenges of a digitised energy transition.

WindNODE Live! will tour the WindNODE region until the end of the project. All information is presented in German and English.

Stops in 2019



15.04. - 21.05.

EUREF, Haus 6-9, „Werkstatt der Energiewende“

24.05. - 25.05.

GreenTech Festival

03.06. - 22.08.

CityLAB Berlin

11.09. + 12.09.

SINTEG Jahreskonferenz

14.10. - 08.11

Fraunhofer-Institut IFF Magdeburg

11.11. - 7.12

IHK Potsdam

WindNODE Live! gets a permanent home

All further information can be found  here




Stops in 2020



07.01. - 04.02.

Uni Rostock, Institut für Elektrische Energietechnik

10.02. - 09.03.

Charlottenburger Innovations-Centrum CHIC, Berlin

13.07. - 07.08.

Gera Arcaden (across from the "Klima-Pavillion")

12.08. - 08.09.

Stadtwerke Frankfurt (Oder)


The WindNODE pilot region in north-eastern Germany covers the German states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. It has undergone constant change since the reunification of Germany. In addition to the political transition, this also includes the energy transition. And that is exactly what WindNODE is about: the participating companies and scientific institutes want to contribute to the success of the energy transition.

‘WindNODE Live! A walk-through index’ shows which subjects and technologies are researched, developed and applied in the region for the smart energy system of the future.

The heart of the exhibition is the WindNODE diorama table, which shows a map of the WindNODE project region. By zooming in, visitors can select individual focal points of the WindNODE project. Video sequences offer information about which solutions in north-eastern Germany are being developed for a stable and secure energy system using high shares of renewable generation capacities.

In addition to the diorama table, multimedia columns with explanatory films, background information on the visitor sites and selected projects as well as listening stations and info panels await the visitor.

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WindNODE flexibility platform

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Regional power plant Uckermark

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Optimised forecast and load control procedure in the smart grid

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Connected end consumer: retail and production

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Storage and Power-to-Value

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Power-to-Value in Berlin

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Load shifting potential: flexible automobile plant

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City District Concept: Model Region Zwickau

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