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The WindNODE showroom of Siemens AG in Berlin shows how industrial power consumption can adapt to wind and sun.

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Smart energy applications.

Under this motto, Siemens AG is opening its ZUKUNFTSRAUMENERGIE, an exposition room in which a multimedia and interactive exchange offers insight into the content and experiences from the WindNODE project at Siemens. With this ZUKUNFTSRAUMENERGIE, Siemens wants to create an informative site in the setting of the energy transition, answer questions and present innovative solutions. Following interactive scenarios, visitors can themselves test how manufacturing processes could contribute to a better integration of renewable energy in the energy system, or what is useful to optimise the energy system of the future.

Smart solutions are needed to adapt the future consumption of electricity to a fluctuating availability of wind and solar power.

As of 15/05/2019, the ZUKUNFTSRAUMENERGIE invites anyone interested, from school classes to professional colleagues, to take part in an inspiring information and experience exchange in the scope of smart solutions for the transformation of our energy system.

More information can be found here.

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