With the ZUKUNFTSRAUMENERGIE Siemens AG wants to create a place of encounter and information in the context of the energy transition, discuss questions and present innovative solutions from the project work of Siemens in WindNODE. In interactive scenarios, visitors can try out for themselves what contribution manufacturing processes can make to integrate more renewable energy into the energy system. They can play through which measures can be useful to optimize the energy system of the future. The ZUKUNFTSRAUMENERGIE invites an interested public, from school classes to experts, to participate in an inspiring exchange of information and experience in the context of intelligent solutions for the transformation of our energy system.


Siemens AG
Rohrdamm 85, 13629 Berlin

Dates by appointment in groups or individual, daily from 09:00 to 17:00.

Further Information

ZUKUNFTSRAUMENERGIE (FUTURE ROOM ENERGY) | Fairs, Events & Webinars | Siemens Siemens Global

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