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The Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau (WHZ) is a university devoted to Technology, Economics, Arts, and Life Sciences, comprised of 8 faculties and around 50 different degree programmes and attracting around 4,500 students from almost 50 countries.

Short description of the project contribution

Realisation of the energy transition in the low voltage grid of the future in the Marienthal district of the Zwickau model region

Using two district concepts – one in the metropolis of Berlin, one in the mid-sized city of Zwickau – Smart City concepts are demonstrated with a focus on flexiblisation and regionalisation of loads and decentralised self-generation.

In the Zwickau model city, the creation of a smart low voltage energy supply grid with different energy storage units is planned for the flexibilisation of producers and end consumers. This integrates smart metering systems, smart homes, a controllable local grid transformer, energy storage units, electromobility and smart consumers. Part of the project serves to cross-link renewable producers, energy storage units and loads with a smart ICT infrastructure. In other parts of the project, the data from the ICT infrastructure are used to develop and apply forecast methods and to create control algorithms for energy storage systems and the power supply grid. Relevant opportunities on the energy market are covered, connections to an ICT network beyond the model city are tested and user acceptance is evaluated.

Project partners are the Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau in cooperation with ZEV GmbH and SenerTec Sachsen GmbH.

The Marienthal district, 08060 Zwickau, Germany, is a showcase that demonstrates a low voltage distribution grid for the active participation of networked end customers.


8: City district concepts and Smart City

  • 8.1: Model region Zwickau / Marienthal district

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