Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

Business and technology support for companies, investors and scientific institutions in Berlin – this is the mission of Berlin Partner for Business and Technology. It is also responsible for marketing the German capital to the world. Along with the business development of the state of Brandenburg, Berlin Partner implements the joint innovation and cluster strategy of the states Berlin and Brandenburg, e.g. the networking of economy and science as well as the initiation of technological cooperation within the Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Technology cluster.

Short description of the project contribution

WindNODE Live!, WindNODE Challenge! and WindNODE International Networking

Technical findings and developments are difficult to convey to the general public due to the specific disciplinary aspects and the corresponding technical jargon. Even more so where complex develop-ments over many years are concerned that are also influenced by the energy policy, such as the energy transition. That is why large research and promotion projects are inclined to consider the findings of their research in close circles, while the social dissemination of the results often falls by the wayside. In order to contribute to greater participation and acceptance, Berlin Partner is therefore realising the following three sub-projects in the scope of WindNODE.

WindNODE Live!

‘WindNODE Live – a walk-through index’ is a mobile exhibit that as of 2018 seeks to convey the project results and topics in a comprehensible manner within the WindNODE region: project descrip-tions, results and progress of the individual WindNODE workstreams are described by different elements and installations of the exhibit. Parallel to the exhibit, we also organise professional events in the scope of WindNODE Live!, which among other things seek to bridge the gap with other sectors (a ‘cross-industry’ approach).

WindNODE Challenge!

In the scope of the WindNODE Challenge, various idea and technology contests are organised that will focus on different target groups (academics, craftsmen, SMEs, entrepreneurs, etc.). Furthermore, a comparison study is being conducted for start-up acceleration programmes for ESPs and the large-scale industry together with the Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability.

WindNODE International Networking and Benchmark

WindNODE International Networking and Benchmark drives the transfer of results beyond the borders and organises expert forums and B2B matchmakings around the theme of the smart energy system at the international level.


9: Participation and dissemination

  • 9.2: WindNODE Live! - a walk-through index
  • 9.3: WindNODE Challenge - the energy transition as a joint project
  • 9.4: WindNODE International Networking and Benchmark

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