Reiner Lemoine Institute (RLI)

The Reiner Lemoine Institute is an independent research institute and public charity that works towards a future that is 100 per cent renewable.

Our three research areas are the Transformation of Energy Systems, Mobility with Renewable Energy and Off-Grid Systems. We conduct application-oriented research with the goal to scientifically support the long-term transition of the energy supply towards renewable energy.

Short description of the project contribution

Comparison of approaches for the integration of renewable energy – Anhalt field test and Uckermark regional power plant

Within the Project WindNODE, Reiner Lemoine Institute is analysing and comparing two different approaches for integrating high shares of renewable energy:

  • In the region of the Anhalt field test, locally generated renewable energy is to be used directly at the lower grid levels in order to increase the region’s autonomy and to avoid the need for further grid expansion. Therefore, we focus on possible scenarios using flexibility options, considering the existing grid capacities at the high voltage and medium voltage grid level.
  • In the Uckermark regional power plant, on the other hand, the generated energy from renewable energy plants is first collected and then fed into the transmission grid. Curtailment power is to be used in Power-to-Heat facilities etc. Here, we will analyse business models that are profitable from a business perspective and also provide advantages for the whole energy system from an economic point of view. Among other things, we will evaluate the so-called ‘SINTEG regulation’ and explore which other regulations are useful or necessary to enable business models in support of the system.

In both regions, we will focus on the use of flexibility options in order to reduce curtailment, to use excess renewable energy, and to increase the share of renewable energy within the region. The research will take place in close cooperation with the Energieavantgarde Anhalt, Fraunhofer IWES, the Institute for Ecological Economy Research (IÖW), and the company Enertrag, which operates the regional power plant.


2: Flexible generation and regional power plant

  • 2.2: Regional power plant Uckermark

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