Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG (LEAG)

We supply energy – reliable in all weather conditions, flexible and affordable. That is what our 8,000 employees endeavour to do. They have made LEAG the largest eastern German energy company and one of the most important private-sector employers in the region.

Lignite ensures one quarter of Germany's electricity generation. Around 60 million tonnes of lignite are extracted from our opencast mines per year. In Germany, almost every tenth kilowatt hour of electricity consumed is produced in our power plants in Brandenburg and Saxony.

We are securing future prospects for traditional mining, embedded in Germany’s model project, the energy transition.

Short description of the project contribution

Networking generation and load with new technologies for an optimal supply

Lausitz Energie Kraftwerke AG (LEAG) is the operator of large lignite-fired power plants, which bridge the gap with the new supply system in the scope of the operating conditions, which have changed as a result of the energy transition.

By participating in the WindNODE partner project as an associated partner of the ‘Smart Energy Showcase – Digital Agenda for the Energy Transition’ incentive scheme, LEAG lays the groundwork for a strategic reorientation on the basis of and in connection with its lignite-fired power plants. Together with technology partner Siemens, LEAG wants to complement the existing power plants at its sites with new technologies and develop its operating and control systems with a view to innovative networking of power generation and demand for an optimal supply.

In the scope of the sector coupling concepts, LEAG is working to equip its existing power plants with new technologies (e.g. large batteries) and develop their operating and control systems for the purposes of innovative networking of the individual generators and loads for an optimal supply. LEAG has outstandingly developed and strategically important locations in the Berlin metropolitan region and the states of Brandenburg and Saxony, which are to be developed together with partners to become pilot locations for the sustainable implementation of the energy transition.

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