InfraLeuna GmbH

Leuna is a chemical site with a production structure ranging from specialised to massive-scale chemistry, which has attracted both medium-sized and large companies and can look back on a historically grown tradition in chemistry.

InfraLeuna GmbH owns and operates the infrastructural facilities at the Leuna Chemical Complex. In the first place, InfraLeuna’s business activity is to provide all companies located within the complex with infrastructural services at favourable and internationally competitive prices.

Short description of the project contribution

Experience feedback, daily assessment and evaluation

InfraLeuna will work together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation on the secondary workstream ‘load shifting potentials in the energy-intensive industry’ within the scope of the WindNODE showcase. One of the project goals is to exchange experiences and assess the flexibilisation potentials to be identified, the concepts and algorithms to realise and appraise new business models for their marketing.

The multi-energy system demonstrator set up in Magdeburg as a replica of an industrial process is operated and evaluated in coordination and on the basis of InfraLeuna's experience, so that it will also be possible to try out other industry-related control and flexibility processes. With regard to the funding policy objectives of SINTEG, the project goals correspond to the objectives addressed in the programme focus ‘flexibilisation of production and consumption’.

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