ENSO NETZ is the leading energy infrastructure service provider in the region of eastern Saxony. It has its headquarters in Dresden, complemented by four regional divisions spread throughout the area. ENSO NETZ ensures the supply of electricity and gas to approx. 500,000 customers in the region.

With efficient networks and systems for electricity and natural gas, ENSO NETZ stands for reliable, high-quality energy distribution. The highly qualified employees of ENSO NETZ ensure the secure operation, maintenance, planning and demand-oriented expansion of the high, medium and low voltage grids.

Short description of the project contribution

Redispatch by heat storage units

The associated partnership of ENSO NETZ addresses the integration of controllable loads in the grid area of ENSO NETZ and therefore within the 50Hertz control area into the flexibility platform to be developed by 50Hertz in sub-project 1.2 ‘Innovative Process Platform’.

The key point here is the cost-effective provision of bundled redispatch capacity from heat storage facilities distributed over a wide area at the local grid level. In this context, a variant of the TSO-DSO cascade is assessed, taking into consideration specific grid restrictions. The small-scale flexibility aggregation required for this in local low-voltage grids for grid- and market-driven application scenarios is already the subject of ongoing research at ENSO NETZ as part of the BMWi sponsored project SERVING and should be included in another promising application case through the connection to the flexibility platform and the resulting use at TSO-DSO level.

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