Participation and dissemination

WindNODE is a showcase project and invites citizens to get involved: people should be inspired by the energy transition, discover their own role in it and be able to contribute fresh ideas for the smart energy system. At the same time, national and international contacts are made in this workstream, standards are elaborated and new markets are opened up for the partners and their technologies.

WindNODE Showroom Energiewende

In this project, 50Hertz makes the goals and results of WindNODE tangible and transparent for a wide public at the Berlin Netzquartier. Multimedia convey the challenges of the energy transition and the corresponding solution approaches to a broad audience. This way, WindNODE creates understanding for the transformation of the energy supply landscape. Here, visitors can find general information about the energy system of north-eastern Germany, the showcase project and the incentive scheme, about specific technical matters, such as the integration of decentralised flexibility into the energy system and offshore power generation, which is particularly important in north-eastern Germany.

WindNODE Live! – a walk-through index

The mobile ‘WindNODE Live!’ exhibit by Berlin Partner creates a creative meeting point around energy and society. Exhibits familiarise the visitor with the total WindNODE concept and its individual workstreams. ‘WindNODE Live!’ will also be the venue for innovative events for the professional and general public; workshops, for example, promote cross-sector cooperation. The travelling exhibit is complemented by ‘Energy Meets Art’, an initiative of TU Berlin (Site Studies & Soil Protection) where students and artists work on new perspectives of energy supply. The project builds a scientifically founded bridge from technical scenarios for the energy system of the future over their creative reflection to broad dialogue between society and experts.

WindNODE Challenge – the energy transition as a joint project

The objective is to establish and organise idea contests around the energy transition for different target groups, e.g. companies, craftsmen, scientists and interested citizens. The idea contests will start in 2018.

The work package takes advantage of the location at the heart of ‘German start-up capital’ Berlin and seeks to create new networks where creative individuals from the start-up scene and long-established players put their heads together and consider the innovation questions put forward by the ‘smart energy system of the future’.

Furthermore, new business models are sounded out through analysis and assessment of various incubator concepts for cooperation of start-ups with ESPs and the industry. To this end, the Borderstep Institute and Berlin Partner are conducting a joint study.


Schabel, Fichter (2018): "Inkubationsprogramme in der Energiewirtschaft. Merkmale, Erfolgseinschätzungen und Gestaltungsansätze". Borderstep Institut, Berlin, February 2018.


WindNODE International Networking and Benchmark

In the scope of this project, Berlin Partner and Energy Saxony are working together to establish an international network around WindNODE and to validate the project results through comparison. To this end, we collect the scientific findings and solution concepts in an appropriate form, identify fitting international projects and enable the exchange of experiences. This forms a basis for international cooperation. The project also coordinates the connection of WindNODE activities to the European neighbours, especially Poland. Together, we are developing concepts for a ‘European energy region’. This for instance includes cross-border system integration, cooperation models for industrial and commercial players close to the border to market flexibility, transfer technology and exchange ideas on acceptance issues.


Kraeft (2018): "Entwurf einer Benchmarking-Methodik zur Bewertung der technischen Strukturbausteine eines Gesamtenergiesystems mit hohen Anteilen regenerativer, volatiler Einspeisung am Beispiel des BMWi-Förderprogramms WindNODE“. Diplomarbeit am Lehrstuhl für Gebäudeenergietechnik und Wärmeversorgung, Technische Universität Dresden, Dresden, Dezember 2018.


Understanding Electricity

Under the working title ‘Understanding Electricity’, Stromnetz Berlin is working together with TU Berlin (EnSys) to develop fun experimental formats to give end consumers a better understanding of the smart energy system, teach them how to efficiently manage energy and enable them to participate. In the scope of the project, we create interactive ‘educational games’ and we plan to publish a textbook. Finally, students and artists are working on projects, objects, films and comics dealing with the WindNODE themes. In this approach, we use artistic and cultural means to make the social transformation connected to the energy transition tangible and understandable. In addition, we also offer possibilities to experience and participate.

Public utility companies as innovation disseminators in the smart energy system

The main objective of ASEW for this project is the integration of public utility companies and their end consumers in the reflection on, implementation and transfer of innovative business models from the individual WindNODE workstreams. We start from the conviction that the versatile German public utitility landscape can play a key role in the dissemination and implementation of innovations of the ‘smart energy system’. That is why we focus on the identification and realisation of new business areas as well as the identification of customer needs within the energy transition. Via existing, company-specific customer platforms of the power supply companies, we can furthermore use WindNODE model results for sustainable assessment and cooperative implementation.

Standardisation in the smart energy system

Fitting standards are indispensable for the efficient energy system of the future. At the same time, a close interweaving of WindNODE project results with international standardisation projects form the basis for an energy transition ‘made in Germany’ that is also technologically sustainable. In addition to drawing up an inventory of current and future relevant national and international standards, DIN is also planning a ‘strategic land map’ of the standardisation requirements in the scope of WindNODE. We furthermore support the launch of relevant standardisation projects and the participation in ongoing projects and put the results in an international context.

The user perspective: acceptance and participation

As a result of the transformation process of the energy industry, companies have acknowledged the importance of involving end consumers. In this project, TU Berlin (EnSys) wants to find out what customers actually wish for in the energy system of the future and how this can lead to the development of smart energy products and services. We are conducting acceptance and satisfaction studies to this end. Under the title ‘From Acceptance to Enthusiasm’, we are researching emotionalisation strategies for the energy theme and are working on educating professionals. In the scope of a ‘WindNODE Academy’, the opportunities and challenges for professionals should be identified and discussed in order to refine the profile and training requirements for the energy professions of the future.

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