WindNODE Spotlight

Our new format "WindNODE spotlight" will present interesting subprojects in detail, explaining interim results and providing background information, photographs and videos.

WindNODE is a project comprised of more than 70 partners that are collaborating on 50 subprojects. Each individually, they contribute to solving the challenge: integrating renewable energy sources into our energy system. To understand the project's full scope, it is crucial to examine WindNODE's parts in detail.

Each of our "WindNODE spotlight" stories will provide you with a tangible impression of one of our subprojects. Which research questions are asked, and how do we plan to answer them? Who are the people behind the solutions and how do they contribute to WindNODE and our overall mission: advancing the energy transition?

‘Controlling industrial load management as a whole’

In its Berlin factories, Siemens is testing how energy-intensive processes can be shifted to times of high renewable electricity supply. This saves electricity costs and helps to better integrate the fluctuating offer from renewable energy sources into the power grid. What is being tested in Berlin can be transferred to all Siemens factories worldwide, as well as be offered to customers.

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A Fresh Breeze for Cellars and Grids

For the energy system of tomorrow our daily electricity not only must come from renewable sources, it must also be used smart: Both for customers and the grid. In WindNODE, WEMAG shows in an exemplary manner how wind power can contribute to warm houses and stable electricity grids.


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Smart building and Power-to-Heat in the conventional building envelope

Reduced energy consumption and flexible electric heating: the future of the energy transition has already started here, in a city quarter from the 1960s, of all places. Incidentally, the WindNODE project shows how the CO2 targets of the building industry for 2030 can also be achieved at a favourable cost to the consumer.


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“No one said it was going to be easy!”

How do we get society involved in shaping the energy transition? In the WindNODE Challenge, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology is testing ‘serious gaming’ as a social simulation of the energy transition. The participants slip into new roles and experience something entirely unexpected.


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The operating system of the energy transition

In the scope of WindNODE, software and hardware developers such as Bosch Software Innovations and devolo are developing and testing the technology to mobilise thousands of small installations for the energy transition together with system operator Stromnetz Berlin. This will form the digital backbone for the power grid of the future.


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Pattern detection instead of weather forecasts

Digital meters provide more and more real-time data about the generation by wind turbines and PV. They help to make the power grid fit for the energy transition. Solandeo uses these data for faster and cheaper forecasts with a higher geographic resolution of generation from renewables. In doing so, it helps system operators and electricity traders.

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Game changer for gas and electricity

Berliner Wasserbetriebe shows how important wastewater treatment plants can be as flexible power suppliers and consumers in all of Germany. WindNODE should now help to further develop the economic and regulatory framework conditions for the use of sewage gas.


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Balancing the power grid by generating heat and cold

At the ‘European Energy Forum’ (EUREF), beneath the gasometer in Berlin-Schöneberg, GASAG Solution Plus is testing a Power-to-Heat/Power-to-Cold installation that is unique in Germany as part of WindNODE. Their first learning: demand is greater than anticipated.

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