WindNODE report

The WindNODE reports give an insight into the findings and preliminary results of our subprojects. These are available in digital and printed forms and offer a look into the current progress of the work carried out in the joint project.

Who we are and what we do. (2018)

WindNODE has assumed the task of developing model solutions for the “second phase of the energy transition”. Since 2017, over 70 partners in all eastern German states, including Berlin, have been working together in a value creation network that takes into account technical, economic, regulatory and societal aspects of the intelligent energy system. At the halfway point of our showcase project, we invite you to discover in this report who we are and what we do. We present to you the WindNODE region and our network of visitor sites, guide you through our 50 subprojects and explain how we intend to use WindNODE to get people interested in and enthusiastic about the energy transition.


Download (PDF, 20MB)

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