“Saxony is truly an energy state, with a secure, affordable and domestic provided energy supply. This is the base for research, development and production of innovative technologies in the fields of storage and grid integration in order to integrate the volatile energy from wind and sun into existing systems.”


Michael Kretschmer, Minister-President of Saxony

Foto: Pawel Sosnowski

Energy transition in Saxony

As a state with high economic, technological and social potential, Saxony has the possibility and opportunity to establish a future-oriented energy supply by means of a sensible and sustainable energy policy in response to global challenges that involves citizens and companies. A clever energy policy creates reliable framework conditions to also guarantee a secure, affordable and environmentally friendly energy supply in the future.

The energy policy of the Free State of Saxony therefore pursues the following three major strategic goals: firstly, the consistent increase of efficiency in generation, transmission and use of energy; secondly, the development and application of a large mix of economically useful energy sources without technological preference; and thirdly, the maturation of research and development in the field of energy technologies in order to further enhance the Saxon energy industry. Smart solutions and innovative technologies in the fields of environmental technology, renewable energy and energy efficiency from the Free State of Saxony provide an important contribution to this end.

As a sponsor of the WindNODE partner project, the state government of Saxony supports the successful realisation of the energy transition. 13 Saxon project partners invest their innovating strength, internationally acknowledged engineering competencies and technical know-how in the workstreams for district concepts and shifting industrial loads, and develop technical and economic solutions for the smart integration of renewable energy. Innovative, user-oriented products and services from Saxony are used in a wide-scale field test to prepare them for the mass market. Through the implementation of these demonstrators, the competitiveness and export potential of the Saxon companies are boosted. Furthermore, the indicated solution approaches and strategies can effectively contribute to cleaner resources, cleaner energy and a cleaner environment.

"In the WindNODE project, Saxony can prove that it is not just an energy state with a rich tradition, but can also contribute to the energy system of the future. We will develop new business models with the available know-how of our companies and research institutions. At the end of the project, currently non-existent services will be available to the market."


Martin Dulig, Minister Saxony

Foto: SMWA/Schleser

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