Zwickauer Energieversorgung GmbH

Energy supplier and service provider: the core business is the reliable and resource-conserving supply of electricity, natural gas and heat as well as grid and metering point operation. With its expertise, ZEV assists other companies as a competent partner for energy services. Another specific focus concerns offers for electromobility and natural gas mobility.

Short description of the project contribution

Researching the energy transition in the smart low voltage grid of the future

The energy supply of the future – 4.0 – has to guarantee that energy generation, distribution and consumption are permanently synchronised. ZEV will therefore take four years to consider the question of how the efficient integration of flexible generation technologies, automated and smart devices as well as altered end consumer behaviour can succeed. All these factors have an impact on the distribution system. There is a particular focus on the low voltage grids such as those of ZEV and on the expansion and guidance towards a smart distribution system.

The question also arises how energy storage systems can be used efficiently and which contribution can be made by modern meters or smart metering systems, or even electromobility. In order to answer this question, ZEV is conducting intensive research in the Marienthal city quarter. To that end, renewable energy producers, energy storage units consumers and homes as well as the local energy supply grid are linked together by means of information and communication technology. The collected data are integrated into the forecast calculation for optimal grid management.

ZEV will present its findings on the energy supply 4.0 in the ubineum, the competence centre for living in the Uhdestraße in Zwickau.

The starting shot for the project was given in December 2016. In Marienthal, preliminary planning is currently taking place before works will visibly start in the Zwickau district in early 2018 at the earliest.


8: City district concepts and Smart City

  • 8.1: Model region Zwickau / Marienthal district

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