Distribution system operator WEMAG Netz GmbH manages grid regions in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Brandenburg and Lower Saxony in a service area of about 8,000 km².

The entire grid covers high, medium and low voltage grids with a line length of approx. 15,000 km and is connected to the 50Hertz transmission grid via four grid connection points.

The service area is characterised by its low population density and its high renewable output. These capacities correspond to a full and balanced cover from renewable sources.

Short description of the project contribution

Optimisation of power grid operation in times of flexibility and decentralised generation

In three workstreams of the WindNODE project, WEMAG Netz GmbH pursues multiple conceptional approaches to optimise power grid operation, which is increasingly influenced by decentralised generation and the growth of flexible grid users, e-mobility or energy storage systems.

The sub-project ‘SMART Capital Region 2.0 – Optimised forecast and load control procedure in the smart grid’ supports optimisation with regard to smart and resource-conserving energy management. In cooperation between WEMAG Netz GmbH and BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, the expansion of the ICT platform ‘Smart Capital Region 1.0’ developed by the university with the grid area in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is planned.

The second project ‘Components for optimised grid operations: dynamic reactive power’ contains specific measures for active control of reactive power to render adjustment potentials of decentralised generating units useful for grid operation. A central management is planned through the control system that can also respond to growing control requirements from the transmission system. The effectiveness of the measure should then be proven at a demonstrator.

The third sub-project, ‘PtH applications (Power to Heat) for decentralised small installations – wind power storage instead of night-storage’ works on the load control procedure and the retrofitting of existing night-storage heaters in the grid of WEMAG Netz GmbH. In a field test, existing installations should be converted with a modern control unit for controllable loads. WEMAG is studying which grid and energy industry potentials are offered by such PtH installations.

Furthermore, WEMAG Netz GmbH contributes professional assistance in the ‘ICT Networking Platform’ workstream. The content of this project is the creation of a central data platform to provide flexibility in the distribution and transmission system.


3: Efficient operating concepts for electrical grids

  • 3.2: SMART Capital Region 2.0: optimised forecast and load control procedure in the smart grid
  • 3.3b: Dynamic reactive power at the 110 kV level

6: New flexibility options

  • 6.3a: Decentralised small installations - wind power storage instead of night-storage

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