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Institute for Electrical Energy Technology

The research domain ranges from studying grid restoration concepts, dynamic modelling of energy systems to the future integration of wind power into the existing energy system and the controllability of small cogeneration power plants for the optimal use of landfill gas in small separate networks. The focus here is on modelling and simulation of the energy system with the aim to draw conclusions with regard to the mode of operation, effectiveness and cost-efficiency of the processes being studied.

Short description of the project contribution

Analysis and assessment of different scenarios to determine permanent system stability

Today, the conventional power plants with their rotors distributed in the system are the basis of stable grid operation and ensure stable, fluctuation-free control of the grid frequency of 50Hz or within the tolerance limits. In addition to stabilising grid frequency through the rotor of the generator and turbine train, conventional power plants can also adjust the active and reactive power delivered at the grid feed-in point in such a manner that the requirements of the system operator can be ensured at any time.

The renewable generating units used so far to generate wind and solar power do not offer these balancing capacities or only to a limited and therefore insufficient extent.

However, secure and stable grid operation can only be maintained in the future if the power balance and the necessary voltages at all points in the grid can be guaranteed at all times. To that end, either the renewable generating units have to be developed further and possibly expanded with other stabilising components (e.g. power electronics in combination with storage units) or a certain number of existing conventional power plants have to remain operational.

The analysis and assessment of different RES feed-in scenarios with regard to the system stability to be ensured is the object of the planned studies. In this context, it should be determined how much conventional power plant capacity has to remain operational or whether the newly acquired capabilities of RES installations can fulfil the requirements.

In this sub-project, the stability limits for various operation and expansion scenarios of renewable energy in the 50Hz control area should be determined by means of use optimisation analyses and the control-technical simulation of the electromechanically linked energy generation system.


3: Efficient operating concepts for electrical grids

  • 3.3d: Must-run capacities at WindNODE

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