My Energy for My City

My Energy for My City is an initiative of the economic, scientific and political world of Berlin that is committed to a smart and cost-efficient control of electricity consumption and actively involves the energy consumer in the energy transition. It wants to turn Berlin into an example of the energy transition in Germany and Europa. In order to achieve this, the initiative wants to create framework conditions for an innovative and affordable energy system that optimally integrates solar and wind power. The specific objective is to flexibilise about ten per cent of the average energy consumption in Berlin (about 180 megawatt), i.e. to align energy consumption with the availability of wind and solar power.

Short description of the project contribution

Smart energy consumption management for Berlin

As the largest city in Germany, Berlin is a key area of energy consumption within the 50Hertz control area. In the area surrounding Berlin, there is at times a large surplus of solar and wind power. Even if ten per cent of the average energy consumption (about 180 MW) could be flexibly integrated into the energy system, this would have a considerable effect on the environment, costs and system reliability. In order to increase the use of renewable energies when the wind is blowing or the sun is shining, larger energy consumers such as companies and institutions have to adjust their consumption patterns without having to fear adverse effects on their core processes. That is why they have to be convinced of the necessity and why concrete flexibilisation and load shifting potentials have to be determined.

As a sub-project, My Energy for My City supports the ‘market design and regulation’ and ‘load shifting potentials’ workstreams in determining shiftable load potentials in companies and institutions of all sectors, particularly in Berlin. In addition to a targeted dialogue with relevant partners in interested companies and institutions, the My Energy for My City team informs business managers, energy managers and relevant stakeholders in sensitisation workshops on the correlations of flexibilisation and shows paths and solutions to identify load shifting potentials and successful systemic integration.

The objective is to sensitise major electricity consumers such as companies or institutions and motivate them to become involved, to align their power consumption with the availability of volatile renewable energy without losing their decision-making autonomy and enable them to generate both commercial and economic benefits in the context of the energy transition by making their energy consumption more flexible. The identification of load shifting potentials in companies and institutions should lay the groundwork for the subsequent introduction of smart load management – quickly and successfully. Future profit models should also be created through ‘matching dates’ with marketing partners.

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