Stromnetz Berlin GmbH

Stromnetz Berlin GmbH is responsible for Berlin's distribution grid. The distribution grid consists of sub-grids at high voltage (110 kV), medium voltage (10 kV) and low voltage (0.4 kV) and is linked to the upstream transmission grid via substations. Our distribution grid efficiently supplies all customers with energy and is available to all users to the same degree, regardless of which energy supplier they have chosen. We are supporting the energy transition through innovation and collaboration.

Short description of the project contribution

Stromnetz Berlin supports WindNODE by further developing the smart and digital distribution system, offering open data as an innovation platform through which we make the energy transition tangible in a fun way. As an infrastructure operator, we connect electricity to heat and traffic, develop new technologies with the highest data protection and data security requirements and create visitor sites in the scope of WindNODE to create visibility for the partner project in Berlin. 

The distribution system as a basis for the energy transition – we develop infrastructural solutions to make new products possible and to connect partners

As a ‘Smart City’, we can make a worthwhile contribution to the energy transition by connecting the sectors and mobilising flexible loads. This cross linking is for the most part realised at the distribution level. As such, the requirements and responsibility of the distribution system operators increase, as do the demands for the digitisation of the grid. As a local system operator, it is furthermore our responsibility to inform our customers and enable them to participate in the energy transition.

We are improving technologies as well as our information offer:  the focus lies on the measurement by means of smart metering systems, the management of flexible loads, a digitisation of the low voltage grid, the integration of electromobility as well as sector coupling in general. As an innovation platform, we are expanding the offer of (open) data and provide an Open Data Platform as well as organise ‘Hackathons’ in the scope of WindNODE. We are also developing an educational game: ‘Understanding Electricity’.

In four years, different types of flexibility in the distribution system will be mobilised and become visible. The low voltage grid becomes easier to monitor and flexibility can be used to support the systems in coordination with transmission system operator 50Hertz. In doing so, we support new, digital business models in our capacity of distribution system operator and metering point operator by means of our infrastructure and as such help to promote sector coupling as well as flexibility options with a smart grid. Last but not least, Open Data and Hackathons inspire new ideas.


1: ICT networking platform

  • 1.3: Open Data Portal

3: Efficient operating concepts for electrical grids

  • 3.2: SMART Capital Region 2.0: optimised forecast and load control procedure in the smart grid
  • 3.3e: Online measuring system for secondary substations

4: Connected end consumer

  • 4.3: Application scenarios for smart metering systems (iMSys) at customers with a standard load profile
  • 4.6: ‘RES stalker’ - swarm operation at the low voltage level to support the grid

6: New flexibility options

  • 6.1a: Controlled charging for battery-powered utility vehicle fleets
  • 6.1c: Grid, system and market integration of electromobility in Berlin
  • 6.3c: Supply of the EUREF network with combined Power-to-Heat/Cool

9: Participation and dissemination

  • 9.5: Understanding Electricity

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