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The Energy Management Division, Erlangen, Germany, is one of the leading global suppliers of products, systems and solutions for the reliable transmission and distribution of electrical power. As trusted partner for the development and extension of an efficient power infrastructure, the Division Energy Management offers utilities and the industry the portfolio they need. This includes facilities and systems for the low-voltage and distribution power grid level, smart grids and high-voltage transmission systems. Energy storage systems and solutions for decentralised energy systems complete the offer.  Represented in more than 90 countries, this Division has about 52,000 employees and roughly 100 production sites worldwide.

Short description of the project contribution

Flexibilisation of industrial processes for optimal load shifting

In view of the increase of intermittent feed-in from renewable energy sources such as wind and sun, it is becoming ever more important for consumers to also flexibilise their electricity consumption in the future and in doing so orient their own load behaviour to an intermittent generation of renewable energy. In the scope of the WindNODE project, the adequacy and efficiency potential of many flexibilisation approaches are studied for different consumers in the next 4 years. In the scope of the ‘smart industrial load management’ WindNODE workstream, Siemens will seek to answer the question of how and to what extent industrial load management can contribute to the stabilisation of the energy system and how the energy market players work together in actual practice. The aim is to create the conditions for a load shift in the industrial environment and thus make production-related load profiles and load profiles of production measurable, predictable and controllable.

In the scope of a comprehensive survey based on a load registration sheet developed by Siemens, four Berlin Siemens factories will study how suitable industrial processes are for flexibilisation. The main idea is to start a process that causes a shift in thinking. This is based on the fact that, in view of the increasing fluctuation in generation from renewables and the phasing out of conventional energy sources, consumption will have to follow generation in the future and generation can no longer be determined by consumption as in the past. The industry has to be prepared for this change well in advance, so that adequate flexibilisation measures can be developed for industrial production. An important step is to create the necessary transparency by digitising the individual load profiles, adding smart metering technology and networking it all so that flexibility can be bundled and central management of load profiles becomes possible.

The flexibilisation of industrial processes is realised with the aid of a control module developed by Siemens Energy Management. The objective is to integrate intermittent renewables into our overall energy system and ultimately reduce the own energy cost by means of smart models. Starting from the energy data management system of Siemens Energy Management, energy-optimised production control is to be developed, bringing together the two worlds of production control and energy management. The technical objective is load control for industrial applications. In addition to the flexibilisation potential of Siemens, a flexibilisation potential of 180 MW is also to be evaluated in Berlin in the scope of ‘My Energy for My City’, an initiative of the Vereinigung Deutscher Wissenschaftler e.V. (Federation of German Scientists), and made available for active operation.


5: Market design and regulation

  • 5.1: Assessment of the overall system efficiency

6: New flexibility options

  • 6.1a: Controlled charging for battery-powered utility vehicle fleets
    6.1c: Grid, system and market integration of electromobility in Berlin

7: Industrial load shifting potential

  • 7.2: Smart industrial load management in Berlin
  • 7.7: BigBatt innovative energy hub in the Lusatia area

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