Energy Saxony e.V.

ENERGY SAXONY is a business-oriented network aiming to expand the competitiveness and export strength of companies in the energy sector of Saxony. The aim is to establish a permanent business cluster in the energy sector of Saxony that will primarily help improve the economic foundations of its members.

Short description of the project contribution

International benchmarking study and networking

The energy transition is not a challenge limited to Germany; long-term climate and environmental goals can only be achieved through global cooperation. In Germany, WindNODE makes an important contribution to energy research and the development of solutions for key issues of the energy transition that have the potential to also become key concepts for a successful transformation of the energy industry at the international level. To this end, the WindNODE project results should be placed in the international context and ties should be established with the appropriate partner companies and projects.

With this in mind, Energy Saxony is conducting an international benchmarking study for the WindNODE project outcomes. This involves the capturing and processing of the scientific findings and solution concepts in an appropriate form as well as identifying and comparing suitable international projects and partners. Both project partners and comparable partners can use the results of the study as a basis for exchange and cooperation; furthermore, Energy Saxony will create visibility for WindNODE at selected international sector events.

This way, the international connectivity of WindNODE should be ensured while also determining many opportunities for other purposes. As the benchmarking deals with the project results, its conclusion is expected to coincide with the end of the project period, so that the findings of the study can be used for consultation on further projects, market opportunities and international cooperation.


9: Participation and dissemination

  • 9.4: WindNODE International Networking and Benchmark

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