Stadtwerke Hennigsdorf GmbH

Stadtwerke Hennigsdorf GmbH is a purely municipal company and supplies heating to 80 per cent of the residences of Hennigsdorf and to 70 per cent of the municipal institutions and the industrial and commercial companies by means of a district heating system with a length of 50 kilometres.

Today already, half of the heat is generated by a carbon neutral biomass power station and biogas CHP unit. The climate protection concept of the city of Hennigsdorf pursues carbon-free district heating in the middle term.

Short description of the project contribution

Power-to-Heat installation with large-scale heat storage unit for maximum flexibility

In order to achieve the goal of almost exclusively renewable heat generation, it is necessary to exploit all sources through the smart coupling of new technological and scientific approaches using regional resources. This also includes the cross-sectoral use of surplus renewable energy in the heating grid.

In addition to the implementation of numerous optimisation measures in the district heating grid, the use of industrial waste heat from the steel mill as well as the integration of solar thermal systems, the construction of a PtH installation of 10 MWel should become a central support to achieve carbon neutral heat supply. In order to create the necessary flexibility between heat generation from the installations and the deviating demand of the heating grid, a large-scale heat storage unit is being constructed.

Possible flexibility options are identified and evaluated at the technical and economic level. Offers for the use of flexibility developed in the scope of the WindNODE consortium have to be assessed according to technical, economic and organisational criteria. Interfaces have to be identified and tested in practice.

The goal of the project is to be able to use corresponding price signals of the marketing platform in times of surplus renewable energy in order to use the electricity in the heating grid and further reduce the generation of heat from conventional fuels.

Die Stadtwerke Hennigsdorf seeks to create a widely effective and emulated practical example for the district heating of medium-sized cities by proving that the selected solutions are viable. The heat storage unit and the PtH installation will be constructed in 2018.


6: New flexibility options

  • 6.3e: Industrial waste heat and Power-to-Heat in district heating for load flexibilisation in the power grid

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