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Stadtwerke Frankfurt (Oder) GmbH was founded in 1992 and has been a reliable partner for all energy matters in Frankfurt (Oder) and the Oderland district for the past 25 years. As the utility company of Frankfurt, we are deeply rooted in our region and Brandenburg. With electricity, district heating, gas and our commitment, we actively help to shape life in the city on the Oder. Fair offers and a personal customer service are as much part of our aspirations as responsible actions to protect our environment.

Short description of the project contribution

Better coupling for optimal current load management

We support the WindNODE sub-project ‘cross-border system integration – heat interconnector’. Today, a lot of manual and administrative labour is necessary to operate the existing generating units in such a way that the economic effects are as positive as possible, for instance as a result of of attainable electricity prices on the market (for CHP generation). Another task is to improve the primary energy factor in the district heating supply.

With the aid of a software solution, the production sites, distribution grids, storage units, supplier and consumer contracts are interlinked. The underlying objective is to create a modular management system with the option to directly control the generating units. The basis for this should be an analysis of potentials, including a grid calculation of the heating grid to determine the parameters with a view to optimal current load management. Two models have to be created as a basis for long-term and short-term optimisation scenarios. The models should take into account the optimisation parameters fuel consumption, annual efficiency, primary energy factor, electricity consumption, electricity feed-in, total cost and security of supply. The reference value is the total heat demand. A forecasting system is to be used to determine the heat demand, in which the possibilities of complex current load management offered by CHP units are to be exploited at the same time.

The plan is to link the generating units at various locations within Frankfurt and Słubice on the control side by means of software to be developed in order to optimise the heat supply/electricity generation and at the same time make controllable loads of the CHP units available. Another focus is on load management and the efficient use of the existing grid structure. This applies to the electricity grid as well as to the heating grid that runs through large parts of Frankfurt. With this project we also want to minimise the use of fuel and thus also CO2 emissions and ultimately also create the possibility, by increasing the flexibility of the heat generation units, of directing the RES electricity (from wind and solar installations) available in the surrounding area to the grid area of Frankfurt (Oder) for consumption, true to the WindNODE motto “wind to the cities”.


2: Flexible generation and regional power plant

  • 2.3: Cross-border system integration

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