Solandeo GmbH

Solandeo GmbH is a leading service provider for real time metering, remote control and forecasting renewable energy generation. With its solutions based on smart meters, Solandeo makes it possible to directly market small renewable energy installations at low cost; as a competitive metering point operator, Solandeo moreover supports innovative business models with battery storage units, e.g. for community electricity and the provision of operating reserve.

Short description of the project contribution

Forecasting renewable energy generation with smart meter data and artificial intelligence

In the scope of the sub-project, the production capacity of short-term generation forecasts (day-ahead and intraday) determined by artificial intelligence based on real time smart meter data should be studied and tested compared to established forecast approaches based on weather reports. Solandeo has developed fundamental processes that can be used to deduce generation forecasts for renewable energy installations with much higher precision and cost-efficiency directly from the real time measurement data of digital generation meters (smart meters / intelligent measurement systems).

In the scope of the sub-project, the application of this process for the mass provision of precise solar and wind power forecasts based on digital measuring systems used on a wide scale is researched. Solandeo generates generation forecasts for solar and wind systems in return for real-time smart meter data from renewable energy plants (wind, photovoltaics) and by including self-generated measured values. These forecasts are again provided to the partners and installation operators via standardised interfaces.


4: Connected end consumer

  • 4.4: Generation forecasts for photovoltaic installations and wind turbines by means of real time smart meter data

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