Pumacy Technologies AG

For over 15 years, Pumacy enables its customers to optimally use the product and process know-how as well as the ideas and experiences of their employees within the company. To achieve this, a unique system was developed for the industry through a high number of consulting and software projects.

For Pumacy, the focus is on people and the creation of an organisation-specific knowledge culture. At the same time, a tried-and-tested portfolio of methods and software for data and search applications is used.

Short description of the project contribution

Implementation of a market and consumer platform for renewable energy

Pumacy Technologies will conceive and implement a market and user platform with search-based Big Data applications. In order to assess the practicability, different use cases are implemented, on the basis of which new consumer and operator models should be created.

The technological core of the platform consists of search-based applications that equally index, aggregate, normalise and visualise the structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. With special demonstrators, different use cases should be developed, e.g.:

  • Predictive analytics to predict the shutdown processes of ‘large’ producers
  • Implementation of the calibration requirements for Smart Meter Gateways
  • Prosumer support for night-storage technology

The first projects results will be available in early 2018 and more will be added as things progress.


1: ICT networking platform

  • 1.4: Market and consumer platform

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