ÖKOTEC Energiemanagement GmbH

ÖKOTEC is an innovative consulting company that has been offering smart solutions for reducing energy consumption since 1999. We have carried out projects at over 800 sites internationally for a wide range of commercial and industrial clients, making us the leading expert for energy efficiency and energy saving. We guide you through the entire process of project optimisation, from an initial energy analysis, over the development of an energy concept, to the implementation and monitoring of the developed energy saving measures.

Short description of the project contribution

Market integration of industrial flexibility per interface between energy controlling and marketing platforms

Because of their operational requirements, industrial companies have a proven energy controlling system and an existing data collection infrastructure. The objective is to enhance the existing management and controlling system at a low cost in such a way that a systemic interface is created. This interface should function both at the measuring and control level of the industrial site and also incorporate the necessary algorithms and processes to assess flexibility for market use and integrate them on the relevant energy markets through marketing platforms.

ÖKOTEC develops the concept of a technical interface for automated flexibility assessment and control and demonstrates the procedure at industrial sites as a test. Innovative methods were developed for the forecasting and dynamic analysis of the availability of flexible installations. These serve as the basis for dynamic optimal market, grid and system operating modes for the purposes of an efficient energy supply.

Industrial sites are enabled to automatically calculate the availability for flexibility with all relevant data on site as well as provide marketing information to market partners or system operators. In addition, efficient and optimised schedules are transformed back into individual system control signals and transmitted to the control systems of the respective flexible systems in case of market use.


7: Industrial load shifting potential

  • 7.4: Market integration of industrial flexibility per interface between energy controlling and marketing platforms

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