Karosseriewerke Dresden GmbH

Karosseriewerke Dresden GmbH in Radeberg develops and produces competitive solutions, e.g. individual car body parts and car body modules, using technical, logistic, and process-oriented synergies in order to further reduce the weight of essential vehicle structural components. By focusing all of our activities on innovative lightweight construction concepts, customer orientation, and quality leadership, we support our customers along the way to lower fuel consumption and the reduction of emissions for new vehicle generations. The company currently employs over 500 employees at the Radeberg facility.

Karosseriewerke Dresden GmbH would like to support its customers with regard to lightweight construction and energy efficiency, to manufacture products as efficiently as possible and to participate in the development of lightweight construction technologies and concepts.

Short description of the project contribution

Balance between energy demand and available resources thanks to an efficient overall system

In order to efficiently interconnect the energy demand by production with the available resources, Karosseriewerke Dresden GmbH will create a new type of efficient overall system with a smart energy management system.

Together with Fraunhofer IWU Chemnitz, a smart monitoring system is first developed / adapted to measure and analyse energy-relevant data, identify potentials for base load reduction and peak load minimisation, recommend actions or switching operations and predict the energy requirement.

Furthermore, the reduction of peak loads (caused especially by the power consumption of the forming machines) is examined through the development and creation of a special management function, including an energy storage unit. As a result, the operation of machines / installations with an optimal use of energy, coupled with the infrastructure in a selected production scenario, is achieved through an optimised synchronisation of energy supply and energy demand.


7: Industrial load shifting potential

  • 7.1: ‘TARGET’ - algorithms and methods for future-oriented smart energy and load management

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