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Short description of the project contribution

KEMS municipal energy management system in Cottbus

As a result of the energy transition, the share of renewable energy in the generation of electricity will continue to grow. At the same time, the nuclear phase-out and the reduction of electricity generation from fossil fuels continues. According to IBAR Systemtechnik, only an energy management system operated at the municipal level can shape this development with ecological and especially economic viability.

In the scope of WindNODE, this municipal energy management system (KEMS) will be developed further with the objective to record measured values and visualise them for the relevant energy systems (incl. heat, electricity and gas). Furthermore, a simulation environment should be created to analyse the efficiency of the integration of Power-to-Heat (P2H) units and battery storage units in a heating grid. These P2H units generate heat from ‘surplus’ or ‘affordable’ electricity (e.g. due to the higher priority feed-in of solar or wind energy) for buildings.

The KEMS should provide various relevant insights, for instance which limit conditions are required for the integration of P2H units for them to work efficiently. To this end, the existing heating grids of the municipal utility companies are made ‘smart’, enabling the operator to use as-yet unexploited renewable energy and contribute to the energy transition. At the same time, economic incentives should also be created. This is the only way to ensure that both energy producers and consumers develop a greater interest in the energy transition.

An important element is the testing of new business concepts across different technologies for the marketing of energy, particularly operating reserve (e.g. frequency containment reserve) for the entire connected power plant. Technical project assistance is provided by the Cottbus utility company as an industrial partner and by BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg for the scientific support.

The KEMS demonstrator at Cottbus will develop a model solution within a large model region (‘showcase’). It represents a climate-friendly, secure and efficient energy supply with a high share of intermittent production of wind and solar power. Pivotal aspects are the smart networking of generation and consumption and the use of innovative grid technology and system operating concepts. Focusing on digitised flexibilisation, the project will make a concrete and practical contribution to face the technical, economic and regulatory challenges of the energy transition for the next decades. It demonstrates central challenges of the energy transition such as system integration, flexibility, security of supply, system stability and energy efficiency as well as the development of smart energy grids and market structures, and makes them a topic for discussion.


2: Flexible generation and regional power plant

  • 2.4: KEMS municipal energy management system in Cottbus

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