HKW Heizkraftwerksgesellschaft Cottbus mbH (Cottbus utility company)

The HKW Heizkraftwerksgesellschaft Cottbus mbH (HKWG) is a subsidiary of the Cottbus utility company and operates the Cottbus cogeneration plant. Using the particularly efficient and climate-friendly technology of combined heat and power generation, HKWG supplies the city of Cottbus with electricity and heat.

Short description of the project contribution

Development of a technology matrix as a component of the KEMS municipal energy management system in Cottbus

The combination of renewable energy and adequate energy storage systems will dominate the urban energy supply of the future. The challenge for utilities and operators of conventional cogeneration plants and district heating grids nevertheless lies in the integration of these technologies into an existing system.

Within the WindNODE partner project, HKWG offers scientific support and especially practical know-how for the KEMS municipal energy management system in Cottbus. The main focus of this workstream is the concept development, the support of scientific research and the development of approaches for practicable implementation together with the project partners, the Chair of Power Plant Technology of BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg and IBAR Systemtechnik GmbH.

The KEMS uses the example of the district heating grid in Cottbus to identify appropriate energy generation and storage technologies and demonstrates possibilities to integrate these in the existing distribution grid. With the help of such a technology matrix, other municipal utilities will in the future also have an instrument at their disposal through which suitable generation and storage technologies for investment projects in various supply areas can be selected on the basis of defined properties.


2: Flexible generation and regional power plant

  • 2.4: KEMS municipal energy management system in Cottbus

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