GASAG Solution Plus GmbH

GASAG Solution Plus GmbH is the energy service company of GASAG AG and bundles the energy service expertise of the GASAG Group. The company focuses on the conceptualisation and implementation of integrated energy supply solutions based on renewable energy, energy and efficiency consulting, marketing services via the virtual EcoPool power plant, e-mobility and Smart Home as well as solutions for sector coupling in the form of Power-to-Heat and Power-to-Cold units.

Short description of the project contribution

Using surplus electricity for heating and cooling – Power-to-X technologies

The objective of the sub-project is to efficiently use surplus electricity (solar and wind power) to efficiently generate heat and cold by means of a 500 kW Power-to-Heat unit (PtH) in combination with a 2000 kW Power-to-Cold unit (PtC) and develop and test concepts for a grid and system supporting operation of installations in real conditions.

To this end, a PtH and a PtC unit with hybrid storage units are integrated into an existing heating and cooling system at the EUREF research campus in Berlin Schöneberg with multiple biomethane CHP units, natural gas CHP units and gas boilers. The PtH/PtC unit is also integrated into the existing GASAG EcoPool virtual power plant with participation in the operating reserve market.

With the PtH/PtC unit, a grid and system supporting operating mode that also ensures the energy supply task should be tested and implemented in real conditions. Rules and algorithms are therefore derived in close coordination and collaboration with other WindNODE sub-projects, enabling transfer to other applications, particularly in the field of current and city district supply solutions.

The high number of visitors to the EUREF campus and the central set-up of the PtH/PtC installation on the campus facilitates the showcase function of the project.


6: New flexibility options

  • 6.3c: Supply of the EUREF network with combined Power-to-Heat/Cool

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