Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU

The Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU is the driver for innovations in the field of production technology research and development. As a leading institute for resource-efficient production, our focus lies on the development of efficient technologies and smart production units to manufacture bodywork and power train components as well as the optimisation of the connected forming and machining production processes. The development of lightweight structures and technologies to process new materials, but also the function transfer in modules in construction groups are important success factors.

Short description of the project contribution

‘TARGET’ – algorithms and methods for future-oriented smart energy and load management

The objective of the project is the development of transferable and scalable solutions for industrial use to synchronise energy generation and industrial loads with optimal use of renewable energy sources at production sites. To implement these partial solutions, an active energy management system is developed for the sychronisation of the energy offer and demand as a hardware and software solution that can be flexibly adjusted and expanded. This focuses on:

  • Methods for the increased use of decentralised energy generation by integrating energy storage systems
  • Solutions to increase the transparency of energy flows and model-based representation of industrially relevant energy generation, consumption and storage units
  • Solutions for the integration of production sites in future smart grids
  • New methods for production planning oriented towards the energy offer

The active energy management system to be developed by Fraunhofer IWU will be integrated at different levels of development in the demonstrators of Fraunhofer IWU and the industrial partners involved, i.e. Karosseriewerke Dresden and DECKEL Maho Seebach. Furthermore, taking into account the experiences of model companies of other partners, a guideline will be developed which describes the introduction of energy flexibility management in industry and commerce and is intended to facilitate it for subsequent companies.

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