Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology IEE

Fraunhofer IEE in Kassel conducts research in the fields of energy economics and energy system technology. We develop solutions for economic and technical problems presented by the transformation of the energy supply systems. The focus of the IEE is the energy system technology to integrate renewable energy such as wind, solar and bioenergy into supply structures. The energy transition is currently the key focus of the institute’s activities. Fraunhofer IEE contributes its core competencies in energy economics and system design as well as energy informatics to the WindNODE project.

Short description of the project contribution

Regional power plant Uckermark

For the Uckermark regional power plant, Fraunhofer IEE develops business models for the operation of regional power plants with units that generate electricity from renewable energy and innovative flexibility, such as Power-to-Heat or Power-to-Gas. In close cooperation with the Reiner Lemoine Institute, the installations of ENERTRAG in the feed-in grid and the participation on the electricity markets with the OEMOF open source simulation platform are modelled. This also takes into account the possible future development of regulatory framework conditions.

Fraunhofer IEE also studies aspects of ICT security in the context of the ENERTRAG PowerTrade platform with regard to safety and security for the remote control of distributed producers. The objective is to test the applicable regulations and to develop best practices and recommended actions for the secure operation of virtual power plants.

Application scenarios for smart metering systems

For the application scenarios for smart metering systems, Fraunhofer IEE works on the development of new algorithms to predict the consumption of electricity, water, gas and heat based on real time smart meter data. The prognoses are then made available to the consumers (households, industry, commerce) via standardised interfaces.


2: Flexible generation and regional power plant

  • 2.2: Regional power plant Uckermark

4: Connected end consumer

  • 4.3: Application scenarios for smart metering systems (iMSys) at customers with a standard load profile

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