ENERTRAG is a European energy company specialised in sustainability that generates electricity exclusively from renewable sources – mainly wind power. We have become one of the leading producers of wind power, with over 667 wind turbines constructed and an annual electricity output of 2.9 billion kilowatt-hours – enough to supply the households of over 1.9 million people. This alone saves about 1.9 million tonnes of CO2, 297 tonnes of nitrogen oxide and 27 tonnes of particulate matter per year, as calculated by the Federal Ministry for the Environment.

Short description of the project contribution

Regional power plant Uckermark – PowerTrade platform and Power-to-Heat

With its Uckermark combined power plant, supplied by renewable energy, ENERTRAG wants to cover the entire range of flexibility that conventional power plants offer:

  • market-oriented flexibility (reliable schedules, electricity price opportunities)
  • system supporting flexibility (cross-regional provision of operating reserve for frequency control)
  • grid supporting flexibility (provision of locally required ancillary services such as redispatch to reduce congestion, provision of reactive power for voltage control and black start for grid restoration)

The Uckermark combined power plant should therefore evolve towards full-fledged power plant operation through expansion of the ENERTRAG PowerTrade platform, testing new IT solutions, ancillary service contributions and marketing concepts by installing a large-scale battery and a Power-to-Heat unit linked to wind power.

In concrete terms, ENERTRAG pursues the following goals:

  • Integration of the ENERTRAG PowerTrade platform into the IT infrastructure of WindNODE (connection to the networking platform) in compliance with the Energy Industry Act (smart meters) and IT Security Act as well as the IT security catalogue, incl. certification of the PowerTrade platform in accordance with the certificate prescribed by the Federal Network Agency (based on ISO 27001)
  • Storage management concept (Power-to-Gas, large-scale battery, Power-to-Heat or heat storage) for optimally coordinated provision of the ancillary services of operating reserve (frequency containment, automatic frequency recovery) and redispatch or avoiding wind peak capping
  • Concrete grid restoration concept for the black start ancillary service through the interaction between the large-scale battery and the Power-to-Heat unit in addition to heat storage as a controllable load as well as the black start wind turbines and concrete load output in the power supply of Prenzlau
  • Construction of a large-scale battery (as part of a joint venture outside WindNODE) and Power-to-Heat unit together with heat storage as new regional power plant components and integration into the ENERTRAG PowerTrade platform to be expanded for full-fledged power plant operation
  • Testing of the ancillary services of operating reserve provision, redispatch, voltage control and black start by the Uckermark regional power plant for the purposes of full-fledged power plant operation, in cooperation with 50Hertz as upstream transmission system operator
  • Construction and integration of the quick charging stations for electric vehicles as another new regional power plant component and testing of innovative tariff concepts and research into the expectations that electric vehicle users have of such energy-efficient participation offers by the energy industry


2: Flexible generation and regional power plant

  • 2.2: Regional power plant Uckermark

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