Energy2market GmbH

The international e2m company group, located in Leipzig, specialises in managing and optimising dynamic portfolios as well as the marketing of electricity and flexibility of decentralised production and consumption systems. The company‘s main focus is on the spot and intraday market, as well as the use of existing physical flexibility for position balancing, as a commercial product or as a system service (balancing energy). To this end, e2m operates one of Europe’s largest virtual power plants.

Short description of the project contribution

Ensuring the security of the system and supply by integrating consumers and networking installations

Over the course of the project, the targeted interaction of aggregated technical units (decentralised generation units, controllable consumers and storage facilities) with the energy supply system to ensure system and supply security will be demonstrated. The basis is the immediate physical reaction of the technical units to current situations and situations predicted in the short term on the trade markets and grids.

For the integration of consumers, the use of smart meters is planned, especially the integration of Smart Meter Gateways (central communication unit of a smart metering system). This should be evaluated and prototypes should be developed in the scope of the project.

Another main objective of the project is the development of business models to motivate active players to cooperate. To this end, emphasis is placed on the digitisation and the corresponding secure networking of decentralised production and consumption systems. In addition to the individual installations, subaggregated technical units should also be integrated into and pooled in the structures of the virtual power plant.

Furthermore, e2m will contribute to standardisation and provide practical insights to the regulatory debate.


4: Connected end consumer

  • 4.1: Orchestration of flexibility on the market and as a new service

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