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Dr. Riedel Automatisierungstechnik GmbH develops and supplies innovative system solutions for housing development, public administration buildings and commercial establishments. With upstream project planning services and downstream service offers for maintenance, repair and invoicing/controlling, we offer our customers a closed value chain for energy management from a single source:

  • Project planning
  • Software applications
  • System delivery
  • Inspection, maintenance and repairs

Short description of the project contribution

Energy management system for residential quarters and to stabilise the electrical grid

Part of the sub-project is to analyse to what extent smart residential quarters can contribute to the integration of renewable energy and to support the stability of the electricity distribution grid. This is made possible by using smart building automation techniques and a modular cogeneration unit, which have already been installed in the Berlin city district of Prenzlauer Berg and supply the tenants with heat and electricity. It should be tested how and to what extent smart building techniques, inherent storage (e.g. in the form of building mass, the heating network and the boilers) as well as Power-to-Heat (PtH) technology can be used to mobilise flexibility for decentralised electricity generation and consumption in the city district.

To this end, the smart building technique is expanded with new components and functions. At the same time, new business models are developed that make it possible to provide grid-supporting load potential in the form of positive and negative operating reserve in residential quarters.

The project should allow statements on the integration of renewable energy into the electricity grid. Questions of availability (time and capacity), scalability and networking have to be considered in this regard. One important aspect is the correlation with the results of the overall project, e.g. other model WindNODE regions, the ICT networking platform, the insights into networked end customers as well as with market design and regulation.  The aim is to create a basis for the overall project of Smart City solutions in Germany.


8: City district concepts and Smart City

  • 8.2: Model region Berlin / Prenzlauer Berg district

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