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devolo AG is a hardware manufacturer for the smart power grid. With over 33 million sold products, devolo is the worldwide market leader for Powerline Communication solutions (PLC). In addition to Powerline-based data transmission, devolo develops Smart Meter Gateways, smart electricity meters, control boxes and smart home systems. With tried-and-tested products, several production sites and high-performance logistics, devolo is a strong partner for energy suppliers and system operators.

Short description of the project contribution

Integration of smart metering systems (iMSys) in several application scenarios

In the scope of the project, devolo AG is studying to what extent smart metering systems (iMSys) can be deployed in various application scenarios under the applicable regulatory and legal framework conditions. Necessary adjustments at the software and hardware level are also implemented for realisation in the corresponding use cases / demonstrators. In addition to the SMGWs, devolo AG is introducing the Powerline (PLC) technology at the distribution system level as a Wide Area Network (WAN) in close coordination with the users. This particularly concerns development activities in the fields of real-time capability, routing algorithms and scalability of communication. As a first step, the described use cases are detailed in close cooperation with the WindNODE consortium and the relevant partners are identified. As a next step, the requirements for Powerline Communication within the WAN are collated in the WindNODE consortium. As application cases for the PLC technology, the WAN communication is primarily considered in connection with iMSys as well as for the transmission of grid state data. For an efficient and scalable roll-out, tools are developed that enable superordinate network management based on the existing grid topology. To this end, devolo is developing a concept that makes it possible to remotely monitor and administrate the WAN communication technology.

Once the technical connection via iMSys is ensured, data communication between SMGWs and end consumers is realised. The technical infrastructure enables the end consumer to flexibilise controllable loads or local energy storage units and make them available to participating market players for new business processes. In the end, the results produced will indicate whether and with which incentives the end consumer is willing to provide flexibility. In this context, devolo is developing concepts to realise the BSI and PTB compliant connection of the end consumer to iMSys. The end consumers are also equipped with devolo’s Home Control products. These Home Control products will be connected to and communicate via the iMSys, technically enabling direct interaction with the end consumer.


4: Connected end consumer

  • 4.3: Application scenarios for smart metering systems (iMSys) at customers with a standard load profile
  • 4.5: Controllable loads in households and smart home connection

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