DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH, a subsidiary of the DMG MORI concern, is responsible for the development, production and worldwide distribution of CNC universal milling machines and machining centres.

As the largest manufacturer of user-friendly milling machines and services of eastern Germany, the company has a tradition of 100 years in machine construction.

Short description of the project contribution

Integrated energy management system for the use of flexibility at production sites

In the scope of the WindNODE research project, DECKEL MAHO Seebach GmbH works together with Fraunhofer IWU on the sub-project ‘TARGET – algorithms and methods for future-oriented smart energy and load management’. This workstream seeks to answer the question of how an integrated energy management system can be developed and implemented at production sites to synchronise the energy offer and energy demand while making optimal use of renewable energy sources.

In order to create this flexibility on site, the production planning processes are first modelled and analysed and the different value and material streams are determined. Based on the analysis, the manufacturing machines, which are basically suitable for flexible use, are integrated into and monitored by an energy management system. By determining, integrating and networking all resource-relevant information, approaches for constructive planning, optimisation and forecasting are developed and the potential for flexibilisation is determined. Subsequently, it is reviewed whether the potential can be increased by integrating energy storage units at the factories’ energy distribution levels. Ultimately, demand-oriented management is implemented to organise the factory operations.

Based on the results, a guideline will be drawn up that should help other companies to more easily introduce flexibility management in industry and commerce.


7: Industrial load shifting potential

  • 7.1: ‘TARGET’ - algorithms and methods for future-oriented smart energy and load management

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