Westsächsische Wohn- und Baugenossenschaft eG Zwickau

Since many decades, living in Zwickau also means living in cooperatives. Die Westsächsische Wohn- und Baugenossenschaft eG Zwickau (WEWOBAU) is one of those. WEWOBAU is one the major lessors of the city of Zwickau. Its key competence is the provision of housing services covering all aspects of leasing and managing living spaces.

Short description of the project contribution

City district concepts – prototypes of the Smart City

In sub-project 8.1 ‘Model region Zwickau / Marienthal district’, a regional low-voltage grid is being converted and studied for the future energy transition. WEWOBAU will integrate its vast experience in municipal housing construction.

The entire project is based on secure information and communication technology (ICT) for the management of electricity feed-in, load and distribution, the optimisation of business processes and the expandability of the energy supply system with regard to new business models and services and thus pursues a further goal of the SINTEG mission statement.

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