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As a subsidiary of the industrial forum VHPready e.V., VHPready Services GmbH supports the development and dissemination of the open and international industrial standard VHPready (Virtual Heat and Power Ready). It prepares and carries out test and certification procedures based on VHPready. VHPready Services GmbH is committed to the integration of decentralised energy systems into the energy system and therefore also provides corresponding services.

Short description of the project contribution

Market and system-driven communication for the use of flexibility

The current VHPready 4.0 communication standard regulates the data communication between the control room of a virtual power plant and selected flexibility options. Examples for the corresponding flexibility are electric heating, batteries or heat pumps. In the scope of specific WindNODE reference projects, it should be studied whether the current release of VHPready 4.0 can be implemented adequately to orchestrate flexibility on the market and as a new service. Should the regulations of the VHPready standard prove insufficient, a suitable enhancing proposal will be developed.

VHPready Services GmbH supports the participating WindNODE partners through professional exchanges on the use of VHPready. If specific cases are identified in which the enhancement of VHPready appears to be necessary, this requirement will be specified, particularly with regard to the communication of metering and control data. This concerns the communication of the scope and flexibility of shiftable loads, such as the control and monitoring of the decentralised installations that cause these loads.

In the scope of the cooperation with the WindNODE partners, identified enhancement requirements are continuously integrated into the formulation and coordination of an enhancement proposal for the VHPready industrial standard. During the project period, selected enhancement options can already be integrated into the further development of VHPready if they are considered important for the market and system.

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