ubitricity Gesellschaft für verteilte Energiesysteme mbH

The ubitricity MobileCharging system offers the possibility to build up an area-wide scalable charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. For this purpose, ubitricity has developed an intelligent charging cable which contains the complete measuring and billing technology: the SmartCable. The user brings along his mobile electricity contract straight to the charging point. The low-tech charging points can be operated almost without any running costs. The system enables seamless integration of electric vehicles into the smart grid and in doing so offers new business models and solutions for the current challenges of the energy and mobility sector.

Short description of the project contribution

The car battery as a flexible storage unit on the energy market

In the workstream ‘innovative processes’ led by 50Hertz, a platform is developed to integrate flexible consumers and suppliers. It organises the trading and use of regional flexibility in the event of grid congestion to avoid lowering the input of wind turbines (flexibility platform).

As an associated partner of WindNODE, ubitricity contributes to the integration of electric vehicles or their batteries as flexible storage solutions into the energy market. Unlike conventional charging stations and e-roaming concepts, the mobile metering technology developed by ubitricity turns the car battery into a real energy market participant with its own balance-relevant metering point as a market and measuring location. As such, the battery can store excess wind power in a way that is directly integrated into the energy market.

In this project, ubitricity is responsible for metering data acquisition, processing and transmission, load control and energy measurement to control the flexible storage units. Billing and flexible pricing to customers can build on this, which increases flexibility on the demand side and thus makes the integration of flexible storage economically possible. In addition, ubitricity is involved in developing a structured information offering and best practice examples of the charging infrastructure in cooperation with Stromnetz Berlin and other partners.

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