Thüringer Energie- und GreenTech-Agentur GmbH (ThEGA)

Thüringer Energie- und GreenTech-Agentur GmbH (ThEGA) is the state energy agency of the Free State of Thuringia and provides information and advice to companies, municipalities, citizens and politicians in the fields of renewable energy, energy and resource efficiency and sustainable mobility. ThEGA operates in a market- and supplier-neutral manner.

Short description of the project contribution

ThEGA as an international disseminator for WindNODE

Thüringer Energie- und GreenTech-Agentur GmbH (ThEGA) supports the WindNODE showcase project to bring together the initiatives and players of Thuringia in the scope of the workstream ‘International Networking and Benchmark’. It focuses on the networking of market players to create synergies and establish cooperation, particularly in an international context. To achieve this, ThEGA works as a disseminator for the growing international WindNODE network.

Establishing national and international contacts and maintaining an exchange of thoughts and plans between the Thuringian and other players should help identify, exploit and expand the existing potentials. In this manner, WindNODE's wide-ranging and cross-regional showcase character comes to bear.

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