T-Systems International GmbH

With a footprint in more than 20 countries, 43,700 employees, and external revenue of 7.9 billion euros (2016), T-Systems is one of the world's leading vendor independent providers of digital services headquartered in Europe. T-Systems is partnering its customers as they address the digital transformation. The company offers integrated solutions for business customers. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary offers one-stop shopping: from the secure operation of legacy systems and classical ICT services, the transition to cloud-based services (including international networks, tailored infrastructure, platforms and software) as well as new business models and innovation projects in the Internet of Things. T-Systems can provide all this thanks to its global reach in fixed-network and mobile communications, its highly secure data centres, a comprehensive cloud ecosystem built around standardized platforms and global partnerships, and the ability to offer top levels of security.

Short description of the project contribution

Basic services for networking within the digitised energy system

T-Systems offers advice for workstream 1 ‘ICT networking platform – digitisation of the energy market’ and in particular for sub-project 1.1 ‘basic services for networking within the digitised energy system (incl. ICT security concept)’.

In the 1.1 sub-project, an ICT networking platform should be provided for the efficient and secure exchange of data between the partners involved in the WindNODE project. This platform should lower the threshold for the integration of new players and business models and boast robust technical security and access concepts that can be directly tested and validated using numerous data streams from other secondary workstreams.

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