Stadtwerke Forst GmbH

Stadtwerke Forst GmbH is a medium-sized energy supply company in eastern Germany. True to its motto ‘With energy for our city’, local residents trust in the secure supply of electricity, natural gas, water and district heating.

Stadtwerke Forst has a high sense of responsibility for the region and also supplies customers throughout Germany with electricity and natural gas at fair prices. In the scope of the energy transition, the public utility has taken it onto itself to contribute through highly varying approaches and projects.

Short description of the project contribution

A wider range of options for the Power-to-Heat installation in Forst

As an associated partner, Stadtwerke Forst GmbH will participate in the joint project as follows and contribute to the achievement of the SINTEG programme goals:

Within the sub-project ‘Construction, integration and operation of a Power-to-Heat (PtH) / Power-to-Cold (PtC) installation at the EUREF district with showcases’ of GASAG Contracting, the integration of the PtH/PtC technology is tested in a district supply grid and its usefulness for grid and system support is demonstrated.

Stadtwerke Forst has been operating a Power-to-Heat installation with a 550 kW capacity since 2014. The generated heat is fed into the local district heating grid.

The installation already provides secondary control power as an ancillary service. The range of options for the use of these PtH installations should be widened so that they might provide more system support. To that end, Stadtwerke Forst wants to invoke the so-called experimentation clause and compensate the ensuing costs. In return, Stadwerke Forst provides its practical experience for the workstream ‘new flexibility options’.

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