Iberdrola Renovables Offshore Deutschland GmbH

With a history of over 170 years, today Iberdrola is one of the top electricity suppliers of the world, operating installations with a total capacity of over 45,000 megawatt and supplying electricity to about 100 million people world-wide.

Renewable energy is the focus – wind power generation currently reaches over 15,000 MW (as at 31/12/2016). As such, Iberdrola plays a leading role in the field of wind power.

Wikinger is Iberdrola’s first offshore project in Germany and has far-reaching positive effects. Once it is operational, Wikinger will provide electricity to over 350,000 German households, saving 600,000 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Short description of the project contribution

Models for efficient grid connection

Iberdrola participates in the workstream ‘Participation & Dissemination – a showcase to get involved and participate’ as well as the secondary workstream ‘WindNODE – Showroom Energiewende’. It is also involved in the workstream ‘ICT networking platform – digitisation of the energy market’ and its secondary workstream ‘Innovative Process Platform’.

In the workstream ‘WindNODE – Showroom Energiewende’, the possibilities for a suitable presentation of the joint activities are to be examined and developed within the scope of WindNODE's stakeholder dialogue in order to emphasise the special nature of the WindNODE region with its high generation capacities, also and increasingly from offshore wind farms. Iberdrola and the transmission system operators are already cooperating closely in the integration of offshore wind turbines in the Baltic Sea.

Iberdrola will also examine possibilities for the model contribution of renewable generation capacities for the secondary workstream ‘Innovative Process Platform’.

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